Who or What Inspires Me was the question – here is my answer:

by Cyndilu Miller on March 6, 2016

I am inspired by every person who is willing in the face of great adversity to get back up and choose this day, this moment, to put aside all that is behind them and work with what they have! No matter how little  they have, to build the life they want now and in the future. Those who let nothing hold them back.

The who’s that inspire me on this journey are too many to name.  I am admitting, I will miss many in doing a list but I am going to none the less put a few here… if you are not on this list and you know me and I know your story, your struggles, your life is a true treasure to me so please fear not… I am with you, for you and YOU are awesome!!!

First on my list of course is God, Jesus, Holy Spirit – not because they have to be there but because without them I would not be here in this very moment.  Through my life God’s intervention has kept me alive, and given me the strength to stand up again.  And  with God I found comfort and peace in the middle of a shit pile that sometimes can be life!

Second is my beloved Robin – who has faced so much in the past five+ years as he has battled Parkinson’s. Each day he faces the world with renewed hope and courageous curiosity. He has a drive to keep moving no matter how slow it might be. He shows me hope and leads me down paths of courage I never would have found on my own!

Third is my lifelong BFF – Vernita – a woman of courage who gives me inspiration as she journeys with her children and walks through valleys that few of us will ever know the depths of…

I think next of my children: Each one has been tested in their own ways. I see them standing a strong adults now and am so honored to be their momma! Brian – Shannon – Louisa – Nate – Camilla – LOVE you all… (Cheryl Elizabeth is the name I have given my baby in heaven who one day we will all get to see and meet and what a time that will be – love you too!)

There are so many more… and I love each one with an endearing and loving heart – each person who has crossed my path has inspired me to be something more – some have taught me to love, some taught me to forgive, some increased my ability to endure to the end, some strengthened my ability to find peace in the storm and some brought more peace to my life just by the hug the smile the nod as we were passing one another in our every day lives.

Thanks for asking!!! I needed that! haha! – Yep I am even inspired by the very words that come out of my core when I am asked a question and I put the fingers to the keyboard and let it flow without worry of edits or rethinks… this is that – so for those grammar police out there – I did not and will not go back and edit this! haha! But you have my full permission to edit and repost any bits of this that you wold like to! [I have edited this for this post – and Ha! as I read this I see I gave myself permission to leave the original post as was and then to come now and repost with edits… hahaha! God is good! I am learning to be more gracious towards me too.

Loving people for who they are is a skill and a gift and I ask now that for the person reading this may that gift fall upon them even now and may they take the time to use the gift to increase there own skill to love others and themselves as much as God loves them too! Blessings! Have a great moment!

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