Stinky Cheese Wisdom

by Cyndilu Miller on April 26, 2016

Guest Blogger Post – Written by one of my inspiring friends

Stinky Cheese Just Like Dad Used to Eat!

Ah! Fond Memories of a Father’s Stinky Cheese!

Stinky Cheese Wisdom

I had just gotten home from grocery shopping. I had purchased my “once a month” specialty item. This month it was Creamy Gorgonzola Cheese. As I was putting it away, it made me think of my Dad.

Dad had a great love for Limburger Cheese. He called it stinky cheese, for good reason. He even sealed it in a glass Mason jar so it wouldn’t stink up the refrigerator. His favorite way to eat it was melted on a juicy hamburger, slathered with sliced onions and tomatoes, and topped with his homemade garlic mayonnaise. Well, as you can imagine, everyone in the house knew when he was cooking up his favorite feast.

One evening, my new boyfriend had called to pick me up for a date. He noticed the pungent smell (I could tell by his expression) but he politely did not say anything. My Dad, however, proceeded to explain the family tradition of stinky cheese. He then made the suggestion that instead of going out to eat (before going to the movie we had planned on seeing) he could cook us up his wonderful concoction. My new boyfriend, not wanting to offend his date’s father, graciously accepted. So Dad cooked this impromptu dinner, while chatting about life, the world, and such things. I knew he was also checking out this young man, as a Dad of five daughters (and a son) would most certainly do. The dinner was yummy, albeit awkward, and my date and I tried to gracefully get out the door as soon as we could. We headed for the movie theater.

Parked near the theater, we decided to chat for a bit since we were a good forty-five minutes early. It was there that we had our first kiss–and that didn’t go so well. No surprise there. Truth be known, neither one of us could stand how the other one smelled. I kept hearing in my head the radio jingle about Double Mint Gum and wished we had some. To make a long story short, we both decided to end the evening and call it a night. I think the both of us were relieved, too, that we didn’t want to kiss goodnight at the door.

Now, I stand in my kitchen, some forty plus years later, looking at the Gorgonzola cheese I had just sealed in an airtight container. I wondered if Dad had made his stinky dinner to weed out yet another suitor and to protect his little girl. As it turns out, the young man and I never did have another date. He also developed the reputation of a real rabble rouser. If we had continued to date, I surely would have been caught up in things no father wants for a daughter.

So I wonder. Was my Dad following his gut and used his Stinky Cheese Wisdom as a hedge of protection around his little girl? It wouldn’t surprise me. He was a wise and loving Dad, and a man who wanted nothing but the best for his girls.


H Ari Selah
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