Sharing bits from the writing process of beBOLDyou

by Cyndilu Miller on April 25, 2016

Have you ever wondered why do you do the things that you do?

Each of the four basic types has a way of doing things and looking at the world – very few people, if any at all will fall into just one type. Most will be a combination of the four different types including some cross overs and complimentary type behaviours or thought patterns.

What do we mean by that? Well if you are a strong Bold & Brave personality you may push forward no matter what when faced with an obstacle in the road – you may use that obstacle being there as a launching pad and come up with a solution to get to the other side that is fast and gets you there ahead of everyone else. You may not think about who you are leaving behind when you rev your engines and go laughing over the obstacle. Depending on the situation that may be the best move for you and its all good and in other situations you may want to employ more of the Devoted & Dedicated style.

When a Devoted & Dedicated person is faced with the same kind of a challenge as the Bold & Brave you will find them looking around to see if anyone else might need help to get past the obstacle. They may take the time to build a bridge or raise a ladder that will allow for others to go with them. So while they are not actually thought in many of the personality types to be the leaders in the group, it really is that they lead in a completely different way.

In keeping with the obstacles next we will look at the Orderly & Organized who would be methodically going through every option that could work. Which will be the most efficient with the least amount of time and exertion to get to result perfectly on time or even a bit early. They may also leave others behind but only if that were the most and best strategic move to be making in order that the results for everyone will be greater if they are left behind. This is not out of cruelty but rather out of a sense of doing things for the better good of all involved and keeping things moving succinctly and in order as they should be.

The last of the groups in this book is the Loving & Laughing group who would have fun getting over, under, around, through or any other way past the obstacle – but they would likely employ help from all those around them to take part in going past the obstacle and they would be very open to listening to all the ideas and would enjoy the ‘task’ of testing out one after the other. Until they found the one that worked for them. Once on the other side a celebration would take part to commemorate the success of moving beyond the blockage and moving on with life.

So why do you do what you do – it is as we have seen here and all throughout this book – all about how your brain, emotions, and other personality traits are put together within YOU! So, don’t worry about if you are not doing it like the person next to you, find something that works for you and take care not to hurt others along the way, and go for it, move beyond the obstacles and become ALL that you were meant to be in this very moment!

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