On the Road to Being Set FREE! Whoohoo!

by Cyndilu Miller on February 8, 2015

Photos from Curio Bay in New Zealand taken by Cyndilu Miller of Design by Cyndilu Photogrphy

None of these would have been taken today if I decided not to face my fear!

On the Road to Being Set FREE!

I am so excited!!! I did a physical act of courage today and began a road to being set FREE from a fear I have had since about 6 years old!

How This Fear Entered My Life!

Wind has always scared me since the day I was 6 years old and a gale force wind picked me up and landed me quite a ways down the sidewalk – I see looking back that GOD was with me and angels were carrying me as I landed on my bum!

I Thought I Was Facing It but…

I moved to New Zealand a little over 2 years ago and my wind fear had to be faced a bit head on – however I found that I had begun to adjust my schedule to be inside during windy days…

Choosing Relationship Over Fear!

Today that was not going to work, I had made a promise to a house guest that I would take her to Curio Bay today – and we were having some of the strongest gale winds of the year… I chose not to disappoint a person because I was not willing to face my fear! victory one!

Victories Galore!

I chose to stop and take photos along the way even in the wind and the rain! victory two! and I chose to get out on the top of the cliff at Curio Bay in the Winds so that I could take certain photos. I did make safety my first priority and stayed further from the edge in case I got knocked down by the wind and to take some of the photos I sat on the bench that was so miraculously right where I needed there to be one… LOL!

God Is Funny! & I Am Not Six Anymore!

God is funny – when we are willing to face our fears HE is there with us and gives us the strength and the protection we need to get through it all! And you know what I think since I am a bit stronger and way heavier than I was at 6 years old the winds did not sweep me off my feet!


Cyndilu 200x295 IMG 0071 Honoring those who have gone before us!

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