May the LIONESS Arise!

by Cyndilu Miller on January 26, 2015

Lioness Arise in ME! Whoohoo – this is my prayer!

Photo of a sunset with streams of light arising!

It is time for the LIONESS in me to ARISE! Are you with me!? Whoohoo!

Here are my notes from watching the most recent It’s Supernatural Broadcast – these are as they came to me during the show – I have copied and pasted them here pretty much unedited … it was such an empowering program I wanted to have a record of it for my own life! I do not expect my life to become smaller I expect to step into the fullness of a LARGE LIFE lived for GOD in all things and am willing to GO wherever the doors open for me to go! Whoohoo!

Lioness Arise!

with Lisa Bevere 19-January-2015 It’s Supernatural Broadcast.

The Notes start here!

Within the WORD of GOD the BIBLE are… Fierce words on fragile bible pages… LORD may those WORDS that are for ME enter me even now!

We were created to be FEARLESS!!! to be FREE!!! There is a VISION coming that is larger than anything we have yet known and it WILL AWAKEN the LIONESS in each of us!

Has your life been a struggle? Have you battled health challenges or massive turmoil – LOOK UP!!! GOD has HIS HAND on YOUR LIFE!

Now is time for the WOMEN to RISE UP and LIFT their VOICE – with and along side the MEN who are already speaking! TOGETHER we will set people FREE!

We need to be a people that know how to live in the light and hunt in the dark! ~ Lisa Bevere  WHOOHOO!!! Yes, and AMEN!

Now I call for the light of our environment to no longer lead us but to rather be led by the light that is within! To set the captives FREE!

WE as believers are lit from within! It is time to stop praying scared prayers and start praying scary fierce strong God breathed prayers!

The lioness is not living in fear of the surroundings around her… she is confident in who she is and the strength within her!

It is through discovering who we are and what our strength is that we are able to step into the fullness of the strength of GOD that lives in us!

Lions are the best killers but lionesses are the best hunters… it is as we come together as man and woman working together as a TEAM that we are able to hunt and find our food… the WORD of GOD is our meat it is to be our sustaining power but we are lacking for the lionesses and the lions are running in different directions!! When we come along side one another and lift up our voices in harmony and start calling out plays as if we are on the same team that is when we are going to see the church rising up and being filled with the POWER that the WORD of GOD carries! It is time… Lionesses ARISE! Get ready LIONS cause we are going WITH you!!! We will hunt and you shall kill and the whole tribe will eat!

When you can not speak to the women you can not flip a culture and when you can not flip a culture you can not win a war. Even the Militaries understand that we need both the men and women to win a war!!! It is time for the body of CHRIST to understand that we need BOTH them MEN and the WOMEN to WIN the WAR! That has ALWAYS been GOD’s dream… And “GOD’s dream is the enemies NIGHTMARE!”

GOD did not SAVE you to TAME you! HE SAVED you to RELEASE YOU to BE EVERYTHING that HE CREATED YOU to be and I DARE YOU, I DARE YOU to STOP being afraid of your strengths, In Jesus Name! – Prayed by Lisa Bevere

God has something uniquely crafted for YOU to do and it’s time for you to rise up and do it! NOW! Whoohoo!

Woman of GOD – YOU are STUNNING!!! When you become ALL that GOD CREATED YOU to BE you will stun the enemy! YOU will arrest him and stop him in his tracks – The BEAUTY in the BODY of CHRIST is in HER FUNCTION and NOT her form!

May we rise from a whisper to a roar in as the LIONESS that we were CREATED to BE!! A beautiful huntress to strike the enemy down in his tracks!

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Karena Burgess February 20, 2015 at 8:34 am

This is pretty awesome Cyndilu. Love what you said, “God did not save you to tame you” Hits the core. Thanks for the encouraging words. Blessings. Karena


Cyndilu Miller February 20, 2015 at 7:54 pm

Thanks so much for sharing Karena! We are lioness for sure! I know I see a powerful woman in you and I believe that 2015 will see you walking into the fullness of that strong woman of GOD that you are created to BE! Blessings


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