It Is Official House Purchased Now Really A Resident of New Zealand

by Cyndilu Miller on January 13, 2017

We just had to share this with you! What a journey – moving from one country to another. Feeling like you have found home but not having a place to actually call home. We have been blessed beyond measure with places to live and have been honored to be at a Retreat House these past almost three years. It has been healing for our bodies and our souls! My beloved and I have fallen in love with the people in the Catlins and the area that we live. So, yep! We decided to start looking for a home to call our own. We put a bid in on the place next door to the retreat house. Which seemed ‘perfect’ in our own eyes. Our bid was not accepted and that house was gone. It took us a bit to start looking again. But after the evacuation for possible Tsunami a little while back we started looking with more earnest. We had already been looking a wee bit. And we had located a home we liked – which we visited on the morning we were evacuated to see what the views of the early morning were like. And that was the morning we decided yes, we wanted to go ahead with it!

It was a slower process than we would have liked but now ‘it is finished’! The house is ours to make pretty and fix up the way we want it to be. We are going to get it ready for retirement so that it will last us the rest of our days here in New Zealand. We are so excited and look forward to hosting many guests in the days and years to follow! Come and visit us soon!

We will continue on as managers of His Haven Retreat House too! And we are in the process of added that now to – We will let you know when that is live for booking. If you want to book something now or have more info on this before it is live on BookaBach please connect with me on Facebook! Blessings my friend! Have a wonderful day!


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