I care and Yes You ARE Needed

by Cyndilu Miller on April 19, 2016

I care - really I do - may not show it perfectly but I do care

Yes, yes, I do – even if you don’t know it.

In this world where it seems redundancy is so prevalent and changes happen faster than we could have ever imagined when we were young. Now when a computer is designed and put out to market it is pretty much out of date by the end of the release announcements or in the very least within a few months. The companies are constantly working to upgrade and change and make better something which to us seemed great to start with. How does this appear to be affecting our thinking that is our own self worth.

First let me say there is a difference between self-love and being a lover of self… self love is preparing us to be the best we can so that we can serve others while being a lover of self is more concerned with serving ourselves. And for some it may even mean they can’t see anyone else is even alive or around them. Having a healthy self worth is not being a lover of self it is honoring the creator with taking care of that which has been given each of us to care for. Our part of the temple.

It is so easy to feel like your life is not worth anything like your life is worth-less than it was yesterday cause you are not the newest model or you have not had an upgrade. This simply not the case, oh and yes, we do get to become more each day if we want to. We are in control of our own learning. Even if we are not able to get to a book, to be outside, to watch a youtube video to learn some fun new food to cook. We still have the opportunity to learn each and every day.

I always wondered how people in concentration camps survived – for many it was learning new ways to look at life, and yes, right in the middle of what they were living in. Without their circumstances changing they shifted their minJimRohnQuotesPutPeopleUpNotDownd sets – some shifted it to keep on – some shifted it to give up. They made a conscious decision to not get up and get dressed that day and no longer press forward. Some would say they were forced into that choice by their circumstances and I would have to say that it is likely the weariness that causes us to make 90% or more of our decisions to give up to walk away to no longer want to keep on. In the times that our bodies are weary we find our weakest moments and it is when a friend comes along side us – even if they themselves are hurting – even if they themselves are unable to do anything more than just BE with someone – still in those moments to be sure they are needed!

Why do I share all this – just to say that yes, indeed, even if you do not ‘feel’ like it or are unaware of the impact your presence is making… know this… Yes! You ARE needed! Your spirit is a part of the collective body here on this planet and also know that I care about and for YOU! I may not always show it the best or be perfect in conveying my heart and my feelings – heck this post even may be all over the place but my heart is such that I just really wanted to share that YOU are not redundant and useless my friend – just your very BEING is needed! by me and others that you may never even know of.

You are needed - yes, indeed you are.

Yes, You are needed even when you don’t see how or why! Still you bring value!!

Tell me how can we pray for you? or what can we offer for encouragement for you that would help you to ‘feel’ more connected and more like you matter?!

Thank you!

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