Golfing from the top of a boat – didn’t see that coming…

by Cyndilu Miller on April 15, 2016

yep! Cyndilu on top of a boat golfing - her daddy would be so proud!

Seriously – On top of a boat! Wow!!

OK so I was minding my own business… had been invited to go on a boat with some ladies that I simply adore and have not had time to get to see in a while… love that the family of God is so big but sometimes you don’t get a lot of time with the extended family! Anyway, back to the story… I was on this boat … and we stop in the middle of one of the wee harbour’s … I was curious what we would be doing and the next thing I know we are all on top deck and there is a golf tee up there!!! For real! but it was on top of the roof – the top deck of the top deck… and understandably on that section of the boat – where the tee was there were no rails… and you know it couldn’t be like in the middle of the boat where you are far from the edge… no… NO… it was over to one side!

There was NO WAY I was going up there… I took heaps of photos of other ladies golfing from the roof but me… no way… then I remembered the prayer the night before. For boldness to step beyond my fears and go further than I have ever gone… to no longer be stopped by fear – to not be held back any longer… and yep, you guessed it… I got up on the top of the boat – hit my knee on the way up but kept going anyway… and I went and stood with the golf club in hand… and well… I remembered my dad lining up the golf ball – so I attempted to do that just to tap it off the tee… oiy!!! But, the captain was there and came to the rescue putting the ball which had rolled to the very edge back onto the tee for me. I lined up again and whack!!! I hit the ball and it went flying – a bit high curve up but hey it went on my first attempt to hit it, my daddy would have been so proud of me! And I realized later as I got down that I was not afraid when I stood up there. I told fear it had to go and it was no longer going to hold me captive! And it left! Wow!! That was easy! (with God of course…heehee!)

If you are facing living in fear today I want to say this prayer over you and ask that God will carry you through and show you when to step beyond the fear and how to tell it to go! You have so got this… cause you know why? God’s got your back!!! Whoohoo!!!

Dear Lord, For the one reading this right now that needs to have the same kind of freedom from fear that you gave me, I say, In Jesus name may they be free! May they have the words and strength instilled in their spirits to overcome in this area of their life and may they see, hear and sense you closer than ever! In Jesus’ precious name! And We also declare that NO WEAPON formed against them will prosper! Whoohoo! Amen!

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