Book Review: Living In the Pause by David Domm

by Cyndilu Miller on July 15, 2016

BlogPost-DavidDommBookReview If you are struggling to find yourself after loss – this book may be just the thing to give you the courage to keep on traveling down the road.

Life does go on after loss and not only does it go on – lots of times it is the losses that bring us the biggest gains!

If you are feeling blind and like you are in the dark – it could be this book will help you to find that “It is in the dark night of the soul we find our truth.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 2.23.02 pmHere is the Table of Contents – see something here that speaks to you… get the book and read that one chapter – you may just have found a nugget that is going to help you to live in freedom and be at peace living in the pause for yourself!

The things that I am taking away from this book so far and I am sure there will be many more to come…

Life after loss is not over, it may even be a beginning! Demons can be overcome when they are faced and exposed – they lose their power when we face them head on.

What I am seeing, my perception, may not be reality although in that moment it is for it is our glasses called perception we see our reality through.

We can find our truth and we can live our dreams and we need not stop dreaming just cause we have come to experience losses.

There is hope… and so much more – get the book and share here or over on my Facebook page what you get out of the book… can’t wait to hear! Blessings! And if you go quick you may even still get it for .99 cents – it is worth so much more tho… so if its after the sale still go get it! Whoohoo


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