ASEA – I use it everyday and want to share it with you

“ASEA and It’s Amazing Molecules Story”

A presentation by a Chiropractor of his experience with ASEA and what he found it is and does!

AND now for…

My Story! – 2009

We had agreed to marry and part of that agreement was that we would be moving to New Zealand. My beloved had worked for another direct sales companies and I had done the same. I looked at many businesses looking for one to take with me to New Zealand when we moved in the future. (our plan was to move in 2014 or 2015 – we actually moved in 2012 but that is another story!)

We found a couple of businesses and tried our hands at them. Both failed for different reasons – while we were looking I did come across ASEA in 2009 and showed it to my beloved. He saw it was a health supplement and immediately dismissed it – said that it was saturated – over marketed and too many other health products out there to compete with so I let it go. OK, I sort of let it go. Alright….I really did not let it go at all… or did it not let me go? The science drew me in. The more I saw in videos and looked at in studies and how redox signaling works in our bodies the more drawn in I got. For many the science is important, for others not so much, either way what ASEA does to help balance the body out and give it the tools to employ so it can start to heal itself is off the charts!

When did we start using ASEA – December 2010

When my beloved was diagnosed with a major health challenge (October 2010) I sat him down and showed him some of the science videos about ASEA and redox signaling molecules. I really felt like we needed to at least try this… He was having trouble moving rolling over was a challenge – the discomfort so bad at night more than 2 or 3 hours of sleep at one time was all but impossible, and his memory frankly was pretty scary. The stove being left on (August/September 2010) was the last straw for me and that’s when I pushed for him to find out what was going on and we did. And it was a frightening diagnosis and we still live with it every day but each day we work towards wellness for both he and I.

I did say my story at the top – so here is a bit of that now…

Yes, I have my own story – walking up the stairs was a two or three step process – yep sometimes I had to rest part way up due to the discomfort in my legs and the inability to engage my muscles. Getting out of bed and putting my feet on the ground was a challenge each day and I would have to stand and stabilize before I could start my days. And there is so much more. but for now that is enough…

Back to a bit more of how ASEA and Redox Signaling helped my beloved have an easier time with the hardest challenges of his life!

My beloved now sleeps through 6-7 hours at a time, some nights he is able to roll himself over – other nights I still help but it is easier. Within 2 weeks the memory was restored and mood was leveled out and energy levels increased for him more than he had experienced in years. There are more things that happened for him too but for now that is enough…

Why am I sharing our stories – and what can this do for you?

Are you having health challenges or an athlete who wants to raise your performance to a whole new level?

The above presentation looks at a bit of the science – some of the unexpected results that athletes are finding with it and general info as to how our bodies work. And yes, there is an opportunity to help others by sharing ASEA too! Why is it being distributed as a Multilevel Marketing or Direct Sales Company instead of through the FDA process – that is discussed here too.

Wrapping it up with a few details and links to sites you might be wanting about now.

To make this not go too long we will end it here but know that ASEA also has a second product called Renu28 and this link will take you to the corporate site where you can read more about it until I get the page up here.

Have any questions after reading this page and/or watching the video – here is how you can reach me!

Would love to answer any questions you may have – just head on over to my facebook page and post your questions there. If you have a question that is truly of a personal private status feel free to contact me through the Contact page on my corporate site or this site here.

NOTE: IF you found your way here through someone else that introduced you to ASEA – I want to encourage you to go back to them. I will help anyone to share the story of ASEA but want to honor those who are my colleagues too. Thanks for honoring those who told you about ASEA by going back to them to purchase yours.

DISCLAIMER – The opinions and testimonies expressed on this fan page have not been evaluated by The FDA. ASEA does not claim to treat or cure any diseases. Do not alter or discontinue any current medical treatment based on information from this page.

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